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Italy Transportation and Logistics Services

Road, Sea and Air transport to / from Italy

Italy is one of our main destinations. We provide our customers with all logistics and transportation services in Italy such as warehousing, clearance and inland haulage.

The warehouses we use are in Milan and Padova cities and we provide consolidation services from those warehouses to Iraq, and Turkey.

We have possibilities to collect, consolidate and ship at once for all of your cargos from all over Europe that destinated to Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and other countries.


  • Transportation from Italy to Middle East and Central Asian Countries, mainly Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkmenistan
  • LTL & FTL services from Turkey and Middle East, Central Asia to Italy
  • Customs agency at Italian Customs ports
  • Groupage ( Consolidation ) and Full Truck services
  • Express Servicess from Italy to Turkey, Iraq, Syria, , Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Fast, Reliable and Effective Solutions
  • 24/7 Customer Representatives
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