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About Us

IMSAN Group was established in 2000 at its headquarter Mardin, Turkey. We have gone into actions in Transportation and Agricultural sectors. In the beginning of our establishment years; Iraq and other countries in Middle East were our main operational areas. However we have launched new offices in order to expand and improve our destinations and services where we launched at Mersin in 2006, the same year of 2006 we opened our first overseas office and facility in Zakho and Duhok IRAQ. In 2007, we have established our subsidiary company IMS Logistics for freight forwarding services in İzmir, Turkey.

IMSAN Group had advantage to come to the fore in Sea Freight and Road Freight as its being located in two important port cities of Turkey, which are Izmir and Mersin. At the same time, our company is located in IRAQ with its offices, well experiences in Transportation services from Europe to Iraq Groupage Services, Iraq Full Truck Services, and Iraq Logistics Services, well-equipped transfer facility and warehouses since Iraq is one of most important country for exports from Turkey and the region.

IMSAN Group underlines that to increase customers' competitive advantage, it is a must to have highly efficient and reliable logistics services as well as Long-term partnerships can be achieved only with appropriate planning and professionalism in all steps of business and we are also aware that those can be succeed only with professional and competent teams.
While we reach our goals step by step, “we take as principle to provide high quality, safe service in free market conditions and competition environment without regard to major or small customers, both supplier and customer confidentiality"

We meet all the requirements of the industry and continues its activities and investments with its fast and strong infrastructure, vehicles fleet, customer-driven services and solutions in different sectors, flexible and quality service concept.

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