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Quality Policy

As İmsan Group;

We are an international transportation company which has C2 authorized since 2006. Our basic principle is ‘ First Trust ‘ beginning from the past as we know that trust is the most important phenomenon for customer satisfaction like all service sectors. We are aware o how important to deliver the goods without loss and on time.

To become a fleet developing and innovative company,
To be an innovative company constantly evolving, constantly growing its fleet must be fully aware of the following;

  • To manage with goals
  • To know both sides demands and expectations and act under this conscious
  • To fulfill customer terms under law rules and working conditions
  • To comply all national and international contracts and law rules
  • To increase the employee’s perfection
  • To analyse the sectors risk and opportunities
  • To measure the management systems and conduct the improvement actions
    Our quality political rule.

Management team of İmsan Group will always ensure the source and support for practising quality politics.

IMSAN Group management undertakes to provide all necessary support and resources to implement and maintain this policy.

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